Marlies Weber, head of distribution at Berlin-based Tobis Film, has been forced to vacate her position as of today.

Speaking to, Weber (pictured) said that she was "not going of her own free will" and does not yet have anything else lined up.

Meanwhile, Magnus Vortmeyer, Tobis Film's head of press and marketing, said that no successor has yet been found to take over Weber's position.

Marlies Weber, who was also the only woman member on the board of the German distributors' trade association Verband der Verleiher (VdF), had come to Tobis three years ago from Hamburg as part of the former Polygram/Universal team led by Haig Balian and Albert Wiederspiel.

After one-and-a-half years, Balian left Tobis to devote himself to production through his company HaleBob Film, producing Jan Schuette's Super Tex last year, while Wiederspiel has since been appointed the director of the Filmfest Hamburg as the successor to Josef Wutz.