The number of foreign shoots in France increased 7% last year on 2005, according to figures from the French national film commission, Film France.

But US productions dropped 6%. British productions were responsible for 24% of the 1,286 shooting days logged, followed by those from the US (19%) and Japan (12%).

Overall, TV shows accounted for 13% in terms of types of productions including The Sopranos and Hunan TV's Dreams Behind A Crystal Curtain from China. Thirty-one feature films shot for 265 days, including Mr. Bean's Holiday and Rush Hour 3 .

A recent addition to the network of 37 regional commissions under Film France's umbrella, New Caledonia saw 66 shooting days, the third highest number overall. The Ile de France region was good for 500 days followed by the PACA (Provence) region.

The total economic gain for all of France came to Euros 75mn with 56% from features and 26% from adverts. About a third of the total cash went to local salaries.