Industryveteran, Pano Alafouzo,died of a stroke in London on March 10.

Pano Alafouzowas born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1918. He started his film career at 20th Century Fox in Cairo beforerelocating to Warner Bros in London in 1966, where he became European Supervisor. Two years later, he moved to Universal'snewly established headquarters in London and worked as a Sales Manager in 1970, when Universal joined forcedwith Paramount to form CIC (Cinema International Corporation).

From1978-1981 Alafouzo was President of CIC and then ofUIP when it formed in '81 following the merger with MGM/UA. Alafouzo continuedas President of UIP until he stepped down in 1984 aged 66.

Afterleaving UIP he formed a company which became Hollywood Classics. Alafouzo finallyretired at the age of 82.