Hong Kong and TheNetherlands-based Fortissimo Film Sales has picked up international rights to Forgiveness,a timely South African drama from the DV8 stable.

With a cast headed by TheMummy star Arnold Vosloo, the story is that of an anti-hero. A former Apartheidpoliceman is psychologically tormented by the atrocities he committed in hispast. His journey into the small town of Paternoster is the catalyst for acathartic re-birth for the family of one of his victims and triggers aferocious road-trip for three comrades bent on revenge.

It was written by prolificscreenwriter Greg Latter, previously responsible for hit Mr Bones, anddirected by commercials director Ian Gabriel, making his feature debut.

Forgiveness is the first completed production by DV8, a digitalfeature initiative launched by Jeremy Nathan and Joel Phiri with partialbacking from South Africa's National Film & Video Federation. Other financecomes from the Rand Merchant Bank, broadcaster SABC and distribution-exhibitioncombine Ster-Kinekor. Director, Gabriel says the film is told as a "genericWestern set in South Africa."

"Forgiveness isreally quite a debut," said Wouter Barendrecht, Fortissimo co-chief. "It isalso one of the first digital video films that I've ever seen which is trulycinematic." It was filmed by Giulio Biccarri, South Africa's leadingcinematographer, and boasts a host of local TV stars including Zane Meas andLionel Newton. Forgiveness will be released by Ster Kinekor on 24 June.

DV8 is expected to makeeight features over three years.and is close to completing King Of Tears (knownas Max And Mona for South African release), a comedy written anddirected by Teddy Mattera about a professional mourner. Zurich's First HandFilms had previously been reported as seller, but the film is currently withoutan international representative. It is scheduled for a wide release in SouthAfrica in October.

Next up is The Flyer,a story of a kid who dreams of flying away to escape his harsh life on thestreet. Written and to be directed by Revel Fox, the film is currently inpre-production. On the development slate is P-I-G, a dark comedy about anine-year old Indian girl's obsession with pigs, which was selected for thisyear's CineMart in Rotterdam.