Fortissimo Films has signed a deal with Cannesjury president Wong Kar-wai's Jet Tone Films to handle the increasing list oftitles in the director's library, including films not previously represented byFortissimo.

The deal is an expansion of the long-standingrelationship between Wong and Fortissimo which first worked with the directoron Chungking Express in 1994 and most recently handledIn The Mood For Love and 2046.

Titles included in the deal includeinternationally acclaimed films directed by Wong - Chungking Express, FallenAngels and Happy Together - alongwith Jeff Lau's Eagle Shooting Heroes and AChinese Odyssey, Eric Kot's First Love andKwan Pun Leung's BA Zero Degrees.

Wong is working on supplemental footage toboost promotion of the films which will be exploited through DVD releases andretrospectives.

"Recently we were discussing with Kar Wai whatwe had done to bring Jim Jarmusch's library back into the marketplace in orderto take full advantage of the new licensing, media and revenue opportunities,"said Fortissimo co-chairman Michael Werner.

"This coincided with plans that Kar Wai haddeveloped himself and the outcome of that discussion is this new deal."

Fortissimo struck a deal last year for JimJarmusch's library of titles, including Down By Law, and also handles theKiller Films collection, including Todd Haynes' Poisonand Tom Kalin's Swoon.

The deal with Jet Tone was negotiated byWerner and Jet Tone/Block 2's director of business affairs Irene Leung.