Indie distribution powerhouse Fortissimo yesterday scored a trio of sales on each of its two Cannes competition films from Taiwan, Millennium Mambo and What Time Is it There'

Hou Hsiao-hsien's Mambo was sold to Les Films de l'Elysees for Benelux, Prooptiki for Creece and to Classic Films for Italy, the latter under a co-production licence agreement.

Tsai Ming-liang's What Time Is It There' Was snapped up in Italy by Alia, By Cinelibre for Belgium and by Suncent Cinema for distribution in Japan.

Both films are co-produced with French partners and have previously secured releases in France. Mambo was produced with Paradis/Orly Films and is released through Ocean Films. What Time Is It There' is produced through Bruno Pesery' s Arena Films and will be handled theatrically by Diaphana.

Fortissimo is also representing Un Certain Regard title Tears Of The Black Tiger, which last week sold to Pathe Distribution for the UK and to Dendy Films for Australia and New Zealand, and Directors' Fortnight Hush!.