Fortissimo Film Salesclocked up its first sale on new Tsui Hark film Seven Swords that it picked up on the eve of the American FilmMarket.

Although many Italiancompanies are boycotting this autumn's AFM, whose move did so much to dent lastmonth's Mifed, Italian buyer Medusa was first to step up for rights. In a dealdone over the phone, the big-budget martial arts action film was sold toItalian major Medusa.

"We are thrilled by this," said Fortissimo co-chief WouterBarendrecht. "Not only is it the first time we have worked with Medusa, theyhave made a very significant commitment in terms of minimum guarantee andrelease plans."

The deal was brokered byFaruk Alatan, a long-time consultant to Medusa, Barendrecht and his Fortissimoco-chair Michael J Werner.