Colin Firth, Jim Sturgess and Matthew Macfadyen are lining up to star in Michael Winterbottom’s upcoming thriller, The Promised Land which Fortissimo Films has signed on to sell.

The film, which is due to start shooting in the late summer, is, as always, being produced by Andrew Eaton’s Revolution Films. Winterbottom and Eaton will be here later in the week for competition entry The Killer Inside Me starring Casey Affleck and Jessica Alba.

A political crime-thriller, The Promised Land is set in British-ruled Palestine at the end of the Second World War, and covers the pivotal period in the region’s history leading to the formation of Israel.

Sturgess and Macfadyen will play British police officers trying to end a campaign of violence and killings by an extreme right-wing Jewish group led by the charismatic poet, Avraham Stern.

The deal reunites Eaton with Fortissimo after they worked together on Berlinale 2006 opener Snow Cake.