The four projects receiving awards from this year's Balkan Fund, have been announced at the ThessalonikiInternational Film Festival.

The $12,000 (10,000 Euros) prizes go to:

Conversation with Serafim
Screenwriter and director Silviu Purcarete, producer Ozana Oancea
(Libra Films, Romania)

Screenwriter and director Asli Ozge, producer Deniz Kunkut>
(DKFY, Turkey)

Cum in the Rye
Screenwriter Dimitrije Vojnov, director and producer Srdjan Dragojevic >
(Delirium Films, Serbia & Montenegro)

Welcome Aboard
Screenwriter and director Constantine Giannaris, producer Yorgos Likiardopoulos>
(Highway Productions, Greece)

The ceremony was presented by the Balkan Fundcoordinator, director and producer Lucia Rikaki, and artistic director Christina Kallas-Kalogeropoulou.