TheEuropean Film Academy and UIP have announcedthe short film nominees for the 2006 European Film Awards.

Thenominees are selected at 14 film festivals across Europe and the 1,700 members ofthe European Film Academy now vote for the winner.

Thisyear's nominees are:

Never Like The First Time!(Aldrig Som Forsta Gangen!) by Jonas Odell (Sweden)
Delivery by Till Nowak (Germany)
Vincent by Giulio Ricciarelli(Germany)
Pistache by Valerie Pirson (France)
Meander by Joke Liberge (Belgium)
El Cerco by Ricardo Iscar & NachoMartin (Spain)
Before Dawn by Balint Kenyeres(Hungary)
For Interieur by Patrick Poubel(France)
Sniffer by Bobbie Peers (Norway)
By The Kiss by Yann Gonzalez (France)
Zakaria by Gianluca De Serio andMassimiliano De Serio (Italy)
Good Luck Nedim (Sertan Put Dedime)by Marko Santic (Slovenia)
The Making Of Parts by Daniel Elliott(UK)
It's In The Air (Comme Un Air) byYohann Gloaguen (France)

Thewinner will be announced at the European Film Awards in Warsaw on Dec 2.