Denmark's Nimbus Film has sold English-language remake rights on its children's film Catch That Girl (Klatretosen) to Fox 2000.

The Hans Fabian Wullenveber-directed film, which appeared in the Kinderfest arm of this year's Berlin Festival, is the story of a 13 year-old girl who robs a bank in order to save her father's life.

"The characters are beautifully drawn, not only the three protagonist children, but Ida's family as well," said Fox 2000 president Elizabeth Gabler. "The stunts, Ida's climbing, the exciting go-cart sequences and the daring bank heist are very fun and visual. We would like to enhance them in whatever clever ways we can, while keeping the original reality base of the film."

Production of the remake is expected to be handled by white hot US producer Andrew Lazar, whose credits include Bound, Cats & Dogs, Space Cowboys and the forthcoming Confession Of A Dangerous Mind. Fox 2000 has indicated that it will be made on a budget in the region of $15m.

"With Columbia Pictures also interested, this was not an option, but an outright sale," said Nimbus co-chief Lars Bredo Rahbek, who said that the US rights to the original were not part of the deal. "We are very excited by this level of interest. The film has done tremendously well at the Danish box office and in international sales and it is only the Danish third film of recent years to be remade in English."

At the local box office the film (aka Climber Girl) achieved 250,000 admissions and this week goes out on video release. With 50,000 pre-release reservations of the DVD, Rahbek predicts that it will debut at the top of the Danish video chart.

Internationally, where it is handled by Trust Film Sales, it has been sold to over 20 territories including Germany, Thailand, Mexico and Iran.