Day two of the 15thanniversary Cinema Expo International saw strong response to the presentationfrom Twentieth Century Fox. Paul Hanneman, Tomas Jegeus, Fox Searchlight's Rebecca Keareyand a mix of on-screen and off-screen talent provided introductions to thecompany's product reel and evening screenings.

A key scene from The Last King OfScotland, starring Forest Whitaker, James McAvoyand Gillian Anderson, elicited a particularly good response from the assembledaudience to the initial Fox Searchlight reel.

The Fox reel got underwaywith a full length trailer for Ivan Reitman comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend and,following a video introduction from Reitman, wasgreeted with strong laughs from the audience. One exhibitor later described itas 'a great trailer' suggesting it would really sell itself toaudiences.

Most exhibitors spokento were left intrigued and wanting to see more of Darren Aronofsky's TheFountain. After a video introduction from Aronofskyand star Hugh Jackman (who said of his director,'I think he might be the new Kubrick') twoextended clips of the project were shown.

A humorous introduction bydirector David Frankel preceded an equally strong reception for his The Devil Wears Prada,which opens in North America this weekend.Frankel called the trailer, essentially an extended scene originally shown at ShoWest, 'a bold experiment in marketing' butunanimous reaction was that it looked to be a successful one.

The most talked aboutfootage and trailer came from Night At The Museum. Exposition delegates saw the worldpremiere of the new trailer after a video introduction from Ben Stillerwho optimistically, and jokingly, said 'I think its going to bebigger than every film George Lucas has ever dreamed about.' DirectorShawn Levy then introduced a further scene. The film was consistently the firstmentioned amongst exhibitors following the product reel eliciting anoverwhelmingly positive response while being initially likened to Jumanji inconcept.

After a cocktail party wheredelegates were able to watch the Ghana/Brazil World Cup match, Ridley Scottintroduced his A Good Year. A strongpositive reaction greeted the film with one exhibitor calling it, 'anexcellent, lovely film'.

But the biggest reactionwas left for the end of the night. Following a Provence-styledinner complete with French market, boules on the(fake) beach, and, of course, the France/Spain match on big screens,director Larry Charles and producer Jay Roach introduced Borat. The audience had alreadyhad a taste of the humour to come from Sacha BaronCohen doing an in-character introduction for the trailer during the productreel and the success of that explained the packed auditorium for the 11pmscreening. Audience members called it of 'hilarious' and'brilliant."