Fox Latin America has boughtpan-regional rights to Philippe Barcinski's Not By Chance, a love story co-produced by Donald K Ranvaud'sBuena Onda and Fernando Mereilles' 02 Filmes.

A love story between anobsessive compulsive and a control freak, Chance will shoot from October inBrazil and participated in the Sundance Screenwriters' Lab last January.

Theproject is part of Buena Onda's ongoing relationship with director-producerFernando Meirelles; Ranvaud co-produced City Of God and is currently workingwith Mereilles on the long-gestating Intolerance, which the director will shootacross five countries, and City of Men The Movie, conceived as a sequel to CityOf God.

Meirelleswill co-direct with Paulo Morelli and parts of the script will be based on footageshot for the City Of God TV series spinoff, City Of Men.

CesarCharlone, DP on City Of God and Meirelles' upcoming The Constant Gardener, is co-directing ThePope's Toilet with Enrique Fernandez, also on the Buena Onda slate. Shooting now, thestory is set on the Brazilian-Uruguayan border, where poor villagers hatchingenious schemes to make money off a planned visit by the pope.

"Latin America continues to be our priority," Ranvaud says,but he is active in territories beyond the region's big three of Brazil, Mexicoand Argentina, spearheading the creation of a new film school in Cochabamba,Bolivia, where he is also producing two films from local talents Rodrigo Bellotand Roberto Lanza.

In Buena Onda's firstincursion into Asia, Ranvaud is behind another new film school in Bhutan. Theschool initiatives follow on talks with the Puerto Rico Film Fund to helpfinance movies from the island's fledgling industry.

"Beyond just producing, we want to help create sustainablefilm industries," Ranvaud says.