Ratatouille's five-week reign would appear to be at an end as the film begins to wind down and Fox International launches the anti-war film Lions For Lambs in approximately 46 territories.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's Ratatouille has amassed $377.5m and executives will expect solid holdover business to propel the film past $385m.

Meanwhile Disney's family title The Game Plan launches in Hong Kong on Nov 8 followed a day later by Taiwan and Thailand and stands at $8.3m.

Lions For Lambs' day-and-date launch with North America is a statement of faith by Fox International in the first film to emerge from the revived United Artists headed by Paula Wagner and Tom Cruise. MGM has worldwide rights to the film.

Cruise stars alongside the film's director Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. Among the bigger debuts are Australia, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, Singapore, Russia and Hong Kong on Nov 8, followed by the UK, Spain, Mexico and Taiwan on Nov 9.

Universal's family saga Atonement has grossed $25.2m through UPI so far and launches in six territories including Germany and German-speaking Switzerland on Nov 8.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age stands at $9m and sets sail for Spain on Nov 9.

DreamWorks-Paramount's The Heartbreak Kid launches in six territories through PPI including Brazil and Italy on Nov 9. The comedy remake has grossed $32.9m so far.

Family film Bridge To Terabithia opens in Mexico on Nov 9, Sean Penn's back-to-nature drama Into The Wild opens in the UK on Nov 9, and the thriller Disturbia, which has amassed $36.4m, debuts in Japan on Nov 10.

Warner Bros Pictures International's sci-fi thriller Invasion lands in Russia on Nov 8 and stands at $19.8m.

The Brave One has grossed $30.4m, License To Wed stands at $26.7m, and No Reservations has amassed $48.7m.

Focus Features International's crime drama Eastern Promises, currently on $10.9m, opens in France through Metropolitan and in French Switzerland through Tobis this weekend.

Sony Pictures Releasing International staff were unavailable to provide upcoming release information.