Ice Age 2: The Meltdown has become 20th Century Fox International'sfirst digital release in JPEG2000 on the Nordisk Film circuit in Denmark.

The move complies with Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), a July2005 joint venture formed by the major studios issuing specifications definingJPEG2000 as the sole and unique file compression format for D-Cinema releases.

Nordisk Film Biografer partnered with Eclair Digital Cinema toupgrade their digital screens from MPEG-2 to JPEG2000 and then to full DCIcompliance. These theatres are now the first and to date the only theatres incontinental Europe equipped to show digital movies to the public using the newcompression format.

A dubbed and asubtitled master of Ice Age 2 were prepared and distributed by Deluxe in conjunction with'clair. The film opened on three digital screens on Friday including theImperial, which, with 1,100 seats, is the largest venue in Scandinavia.