Director Eytan Fox and writer-producer Gal Uchovsky havecompleted their follow-up to Israel's biggestever international hit Walk On Water ($2.7m in US, $7m worldwide).

The Bubble returns to the theme of the individual's right to live a life of their own choosing and the Middle East conflict, which determines fates regardless of personal choice.

The film tells the story of three happy-go-lucky younghipsters whose lives are radically changed when one of them falls in love witha young Palestinian.

It was shot on location in and around the trendiest Tel Avivquarter, Shenkin Street, a place that many in Israel refer to as The Bubblebecause of the freewheeling attitude of its young inhabitants who mostlypretend not to be concerned with Israel's political problems, as well as on theWest Bank.

For his cast, Fox went back to Ohad Knoller who played thelead and had a best actor award in Tribeca for Yossi & Jagger. He also recast Yousseif Sweid (Walk On Water), and has introduced a young discovery of his own,Daniella Wincer.

Uchovsky produced with Ronen Ben Tal and Amir Feingoldfor Metro Productions, on a budget of $1.5m provided by commercial TVoperators Keshet, the cable network Hot, the Israeli Film Fund and United KingFilms.

Pierre Menahem's Scalpel Films deals with worldwide sales, with IDDistribution, who has previously handled Walk On Water, grabbing againthe rights for France.

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