Night At The Museum continued to dominate the overseas arena as the family film added an estimated $14.4m from 3,400 screens in 35 markets through Fox International to raise the tally to $173.2m.

The film scored the fifth biggest industry opening in Uruguay to take $38,000 from only 13 screens. It stayed top in its second weekend in Brazil as $1.7m from 477 raised the running total to $.1m. After four weekends Night At The Museum stands at $36.3m in the UK where it ranks third, $19.7m in Germany where it ranks second, and $16m in Australia.

Rocky Balboa grossed $11.2m from 1,164 screens in eight markets for a $23.8m international cumulative total, powered by a number one opening in the UK that generated a robust $6.9m from 404.

The drama opened in Holland on $228,000 and added $1.4m from 312 in its second weekend in Spain for $5.4m. Rocky Balboa added $1.6m from 307 for $7.1m in Italy and $926,000 from 278 for $3.4m in Mexico. Both were second weekends.

Fantasy adventure Eragon added $4.1m from 2,000 screens in 45 markets to elevate its tally to $160.5m. South Korea produced $1m from 239 for $4.7m after two weekends.

The comedy Jonathan Tucker Must Die opened in Germany on $1.2m from 402 screens and has amassed $19.4m overseas. The Last King Of Scotland added $1.4m from 247 in its second weekend in the UK to rank fourth on $4.1m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's The Pursuit of Happyness grossed $9.2m from 1,245 screens in 11 markets for an early $20.5m tally. The drama opened top in Germany on $3.2m from 500, top in Switzerland on $280,000 from 34, second in Austria on $260,000 from 52, and top in Israel on $55,000 from 14. It stands at $10.7m in the UK and $5.7m in Australia, both after the second weekend.

Casino Royale is a whisker away from $400m after grossing $5.4m from 3,030 screens in 51 markets for $399.1m. The James Bond film has taken an astounding $103.3m in the UK after 10 weekends, $49.1m in Germany after nine, and $23.3m in Australia after seven, and $9.4m in Italy after three.

Buena Vista International's Deja Vu added $6.8m from 3,286 screens in 42 territories for $89m. The thriller opened top in Australia on $2m, and second in Brazil on $650,000. It also opened in the Philippines, where it took $225,000 for a new record for a Denzel Washington release. The film has grossed $9m in Germany after four weekends.

Babel took $4.3m from 828 screens through Summit Entertainment/PPI for $44.1m, $19.2m of which comes from Paramount Vantage/PPI markets.

Those markets include the UK, where the drama launched on $1.2m from 130 screens. It opened on $363,000 from 58 sites in Brazil, and took $183,000 from 31 in Argentina. Babel held well in Spain on $1.3m from 184 for $7.8m and has passed one million admissions. The Australian tally stands at $3.1m.

An Inconvenient Truth opened in Japan on $250,000 over the two-day weekend and the international total stands at $17.8m making it the fifth most successful documentary release of all time. The worldwide total is $41.8m.

In its first international foray, Dreamgirls grossed $1.1m from 167 sites in three territories. The musical opened in Australia on $965,000 from 133 sites and took $142,000 from 34 in New Zealand.

The animated feature Flushed Away grossed $2.4m from 2,690 sites in 57 territories for $104m, while family film Charlotte's Web added $1.m from 1,599 sites in 21 for $21.9m.

Blood Diamond took $3.1m from 860 prints in 17 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International for $13m. The adventure opened top in Hong Kong on $353,000 from 32 prints, top in New Zealand on $187,000 from 43, and a probable number one in South Africa on $182,000 from 51.

Malaysia was also expected to generate a number one launch on $121,000 from 22. The film stands at $2m after two weekends in South Korea, and after three has taken $4m in Australia, $1.9m in Brazil, and $1.8m in Taiwan.

The Departed added $4m from approximately 1,500 prints in 33 markets for $131.4m through all distributors. It opened top in Japan on $2.4m from 370 screens.

Latest figures put Happy Feet on $4m for $158m, The Prestige on $2.4m for $44.1m, and Letters From Iwo Jima on $1.1m for $36m after seven weeks. The war drama finally slipped to third place behind The Departed and Marie Antoinette after six weeks at the top of the charts in Japan.

Universal/UPI's romantic comedy The Holiday took $4.2m from 2,425 screens in 42 territories for $109.7m. The film held firm in fourth place in Mexico on $550,000 from 230 sites for $1.8m after four, and stands at $3.5m in Brazil after four.

The crime caper Smokin' Aces added $1.2m from 338 in the UK for $2.1m after two weekends. It will open around the world over the next three months. Supernatural thriller The Return, which Universal/UPI has in a handful of territories, opened in 12th place in the UK on $590,000 from 224; it has amassed $1.1m from the UK and Spain so far. Children Of Men has grossed $28.5m from Universal/UPI markets.

Lionsgate's Saw III added $1m for $65.6m and remains active in 40 territories. Comedy Employee Of The Month raised its UK tally by $800,000 from 324 to $5.4m after three weekends.