Fox's Road To Perdition grossed $3.1m on 1,935 international screens over the weekend, bringing the picture's cumulative total to just under $50.1m. In the gangster drama's only opening it took $112,000 from 45 screens in Poland. In its second week in Australia Road To Perdition dropped 38% for a $475,000 haul from 248 screens for a $1.5m cumulative score, while in its second week in Brazil it took $184,000 from 172 screens for a $635,000 running total. The picture fell 25% in its third week in Japan - where it is drawing female-slanted audiences - grossing $866,000 from 300 screens for a $6.8m cumulative score.

Minority Report continued its international rampage, taking $7.4m from 2,786 screens in 15 territories despite going into its third and fourth weekends in many European markets. The sci-fi thriller now has an international cumulative score of $156.9m and enjoyed good several strong follow-up sessions. In its third week in Spain it fell 46% for $1.2m and an $8.2m running total. In its fourth week in Italy Minority Report dropped 51% and grossed $709,000 from 300 screens for a $9.4m cumulative score. In its third week in Germany it fell 43% and grossed $1.7m from 836 screens for a $13.4m running total. In its third week in France it fell 41% and took $2.1m from 705 screens for a $12m cumulative total.

Ice Age yielded one of the biggest hurrahs of the weekend for Fox with a $159,000 bow on 28 screens in the Czech Republic that proved to be Fox's second biggest opening of all time in the territory behind Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones.

One Hour Photo took a total of $1m from 501 screens over the weekend for a cumulative total of $11m. It opened in Italy, Israel and Ecuador, scoring $535,000 from 149 screens in Italy. Finally The Good Girl opened in Brazil on $30,500 from 27 screens.