Brad Pitt and Co. continue to lead the box-office chargewith Troy still at number one in its second week. The film only droppedoff by 12% and has so far brought in over $10m. Kill Bill Vol. 2 is also holding strong at number 2 with a $4.5mtake in just two weeks.

Local comedy People,the sequel to mega hit Jet Set,enters the top twenty at number 3 with a disappointing 413,755 admissions on619 screens. Sentimental juggernaut LesChoristes stayed firmly at number 4 this week after 10 weeks on the chart andhas now pulled in $37.5m.

Monster smash VanHelsing dropped down to the 6th position in its third week, off 32% fromthe week before which likely signals the beginning of its slide down the chart.Other films remained relatively steady with two other new entries, Ma Mere and Women Is The Future Of Man popping up in the 11th and 15th spotsrespectively.