French comedy EspaceDetente took in a whopping 701,031 admissions in its first week. The filmis adapted from a 15-minute TV series called Camera Cafe whose formathas been sold the world over. The film pushed The Aviator down to thesecond spot in its second week for a cumulative total of $7,463,417 thus far.Warner Bros. France's L'Ex Femme De Ma Vie took third place in its debutweek with 371,284 tickets sold. EuropaCorp.'s Jet Li, Morgan Freeman vehicle Unleashedopened in fourth place for just over $2.5m on 480 screens.

Other new films included TheMagic Roundabout at number 6; White Noise at number 8 and Oscarnominee The Sea Inside at number 11 with a $3,224 per screen average.The week's biggest loser was Alexander which dropped to number 15 from 8the previous week and lost 61% of its audience.