Ray jumped into the top spot this week followingits number two debut last week. The film has so far taken $5,332,029.

It wasfollowed by Costa-Gavras' The Ax which opened in 2nd place for 260,436admissions on 245 screens. Meet The Fockers dropped down to number threewith a cumulative $10,563,702 over three weeks.

Remake AssaultOn Precinct 13 took fourth position with a modest 194,391 admissions on 357screens.

The restof the pack fell off by roughly 50% in all cases with Espace Detente andThe Magic Roundabout suffering the biggest losses at 57% off theprevious week. Both films have been on release for five weeks.

Other newentries were Seed Of Chucky at number 11 for 34,206 admissions on 210screens, best picture Cesar winner L'Esquive at number 16 with $352,594on 66 screens making for a high per screen average of $5,342 and StageBeauty at number 19 with just 33,252 tickets sold on 161 screens for Hautet Court Distribution.