US boxoffice leader Shark Tale opened atnumber one in France this week with 630,561 admissions. The film shouldcontinue to hold well given the arrival of school vacations next week althoughit will face fierce competition from the October 27 release of Jean-PierreJeunet's A Very Long Engagement.

Last week'snumber one, L'Enquete Corse, droppedto the number two spot but handily added 487,318 admissions to its take.Jean-Paul Salome's Arsene Lupinlanded in 3rd position in its debut week for just over $3m. DenzelWashington vehicle Man On Fire openedat number 7 - and attracted extra attention when an audience member, rankled byannoying seat neighbors, returned to a cinema in Arras with a shotgun. He letoff one accidental shot and was taken into custody then released pendingfurther legal action. .