StevenSpielberg's The Terminal opened infirst place this week with nearly 500,000 admissions and just ahead of The Bourne Supremacy which held on tothe number two spot in its second week for a total take to date of $5,091,174.

Frenchcomedy Mensonges Et Trahisons droppedoff by 24% in its second week but stayed in third position. The two other newentries into the top 20 were Frederic Fonteyne's La Femme De Gilles at number 20 and Claude Lelouch's embattled Le Genre Humaine - 1: Les Parisiens. Inresponse to poor critical reaction for the film, Lelouch offered a freescreening throughout France on Friday night September 17 for an additional45,000 admissions which brought the film's total for the week to 130,649.