In its second week, SharkTale stayed at the top of the chart for an additional 678,986 admissions.The second and third place films are also repeats of last week with L'Enquete Corse and Arsene Lupin only dropping off by 18% and 27% respectively.

The sequel to French hit comedy Pedale Douce - fittingly titled PedaleDure - took the fourth position in its debut week to bring in 235,186moviegoers. Alive, a French filmloosely based on hit TV show Star Academywhich pits would-be singing and dancing sensations against each other whilehousing them Big Brother-style, popped in at number 6 with a $3,964 per screenaverage. That film should hold well this week given the current schoolvacations.

Wong Kar Wai's opus 2046opened at number 8 with a very strong per screen average of $7,544 on only 139prints.

Documentary Genesis- from the Microcosmos folks - brokethe top twenty in the 9th spot and took just over $1m.