Ben Stillerand Owen Wilson emerged into the box office limelight this week taking over$4.3m with a strong $7,071 per screen average for 70s TV adaptation Starsky& Hutch. The show has high recognition in France and with littlecompetition its big screen incarnation had an easy ride.

PanEuropeenne's Mariages! Also had a healthy opening with a $9,625 perscreen average on 365 copies for a take of $3.5 million. Still going strong arePathe's Les Choristes and Two Brothers which find themselves inthe number 3 and 4 spots respectively.

After 6weeks, Les Choristes has taken nearly $27m while Jean-Jacques Annaud'sthree week-old tiger tale is approaching the $16 million mark. The Passion OfThe Christ drops from 5 to 6 for an overall haul of just over $10m in 4 weeks.New films out include American films Twisted at number 7 and Timelineat number 15 while ARP's The Alzheimer's Case pops in at number 17 aftera one week delay in its release. Argentina's Lost Embrace is in at 18with a per screen average of $4,288 on just 40 copies.