As in theprevious week, four newcomers broke into the top 20 this time around. I, Robot came in at number one thisweek, bringing in nearly $5.3m during its first six days, more than one and ahalf million dollars less than Spider-Man2 earned the week before in that movie's second week.

The latest HarryPotter film jumped three places from sixth to ninth from its eighth to ninthweek in theaters, while Franco-German-British production Atomik Circus fell from fifth to seventh place, pushed down by twonew movies coming in at fifth and sixth place: animated Western musical Home On The Range and French comedy Cause Toujours

German-Americancollaboration Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever,starring Lucy Liu and Antonio Banderas, debuted at number 14, while the Berlin Film Festival's GoldenBear-winning German film Head-Onstayed on the charts, moving from number 13 to 15.