France's film council (CNC) has announced the appointment of Sylvie Hubac to the post of president of the national ratings board known as the Commission de Classification.

Hubac was nominated by culture minister Jean-Jacques Aillagon and the proposal was then ratified by Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

Hubac studied at France's national administration school which is a training ground for future heads of state and captains of industry. She also holds a degree in law and from 2000-2004 was director of music, dance, theatre and stage productions at the culture ministry. Hubac replaces state councilman Francis Delon as president while Patrick Ollivier remains in the vice-president's chair.

The classification commission was renewed on March 1st with a new voting body put in place. The last membership recently came under harsh criticism for being too strict with ratings for films with explicit sexual content.