France's Soficasinvestment schemes will see their limit increase by $11.7m (Euros 10m) to $66m(Euros 56m) next year.

Prime ministerDominique de Villepin approved the measure at therequest of culture minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres.

The Sofica system was created in 1985 to encourage individualinvestment in film. Essentially film-financing companies, the Soficas raise money by offering substantial tax write-offsto investors.

The moneyis reinvested in film and television via interest-bearing loans.

A companyor an individual investing in a Sofica can write off upto 50% of tax on that investment. Individuals can also invest up to 25% oftheir income for a 100% tax deduction.

Over thepast few years, the government has steadily increased the cap for the Soficas in an effort to boost investment in independentfilm.

In orderfor a film to be eligible for Sofica financing, itmust in most cases be shot in the French language and a majority French production though itneed not shoot in France.

However, there is a reserve of 20% of the funding which can be invested in films not shot in French as long as they are shot in the language of the majority producing country and, of course, co-produced with France.