The cultural affairs commission of France's senate, responsible for studying the evolution of the exhibition sector, has outlined its priorities for the coming year.

Senator Marcel Vidal announced the committee's intentions for exhibition on Wednesday, which will be studied by the culture ministry. The vision includes modernising the exhibition system throughout France, a selective aide to those wishing to build cinemas in areas with less than 15,000 inhabitants and a fund that would guarantee loans taken by independent exhibitors in order to modernise their facilities.

The commission also recommended the creation of a Technical Commission that would be overseen by the culture minister in order to aid in the transition towards digital exhibition.

The commission would also like to see the revival of incentives for producers and distributors to release their films between June 15 and August 30.

This aid was previously put in place by the CNC in 1999 but has since been abandoned. The impetus for the measure is to spread out releases and allow films a longer shelf life on screens.

Over the past several years the summer months have been barren when it comes to strong French films and the fall months log-jammed with product.