It's a rare, thing when there are relatively no changes in the French box-office from one week to the next. Especially considering the fact that the number one film had a pretty un-extraordinary showing in the US.

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen continues at number one followed by the same three films as last week.

Although there weren't many new entries this week, the films that did open would have been expected to fare better. Following a premiere at Deauville and a broad ad campaign, Seabiscuit barely got out of the gate landing at number 5. Given that France put a push on everything equestrian this month - with TV docus about Seabiscuit's French counterpart Ourasi and the running of the World Championship Prix du Longchamp - the film should have started at a better pace.

Ditto Le Divorce , a Merchant-Ivory production set in the capital which also had a Deauville debut. Sundance favourite American Splendor entered the top 20 at 20 although it was release on only 35 copies. If positive word of mouth works, the film will go out in wider release in the coming weeks.

Finally, good news for Good Bye, Lenin! Although the German juggernaut dropped off 11%, it still jumped up two notches to 6th place from 8th last week.