Although it remains in the number one spot, the final Matrix instalment is certainly not The One. The shine fell off the film in its second week out with the largest fall-off seen in any major market of 69%. With last week's release schedule virtually barren, distributors who tried to duck The Matrix are likely to be kicking themselves now.

The only new film to break the top ten was GBVI's Ricordati Di Me while only three other new films broke into the top 20, one a re-release and one a film, Finding Nemo, that was only released on one screen !

Good news for all the other films out there though as pretty much everyone held tight or jumped up a notch. Things won't be quite so calm in the coming weeks, however, as the holiday season begins with EuropaCorp.'s Michel Vaillant, Tarantino's Kill Bill, Alain Resnais' Pas Sur La Bouche and that animated fish film which will swim into wide release from its early single-screen home.