Les Choristes remained at number 1 this week with only a 4% drop off its first week out.

New entry, Enki Bilal's Immortel, an eerie mix of sci-fi and animation, landed at number 2 with a strong $7,112 per screen average.

Viggo Mortensen actioner Hidalgo opened at number 3 with disappointing results and only $136,617 on 349 screens.

The rest of the pack dropped off by roughly 40% as France gears up for the Easter weekend and school vacations that follow. Other new entries included Jack Black sleeper School Of Rock which took a low $2,254 per screen on 348 copies thanks to somewhat foreign subject matter and the low profile of the film.

Columbia Tri Star's The Rundown opened in 12th position followed by Golden Globe winner Osama in 14th place. Hits like Podium, Brother Bear and Crimson Rivers 2 are beginning to make their way off the list dropping from single digit slots down to the lower half of the chart.

Meanwhile, early reports state that The Passion recorded 82,111 admissions on 502 screens across the territory on its opening day.