CineTem, the six film channels being launched by French group AB, will be up and running on Canal Plus' digital platform CanalSatellite and some cable networks from September 7.

Laurent Zameczkowski, who heads the group of channels, has been busy buying library titles for over a year, signing up package deals for 50 to 200 titles from US studios and major companies as well as one-off acquisitions from smaller independents.

The channels will be showing some 2,500 titles per year between them , each channel being dedicated to a specific genre - police story stories, whodunits and thrillers for CineTem Polar, love stories for CineTem Passion, comedies for CineTem Comic and sci-fi, fantasy and horror flicks for CineTem FX and arthouse tiles and short films to offer exposure to young talents as far as CineTem Art is concerned. The sixth channel is being used as a 'portal' promotional tool for the five others.