French production company Haut et Court is readying Fuis Bambi Fuis, a first directing effort by Gilles Marchand, the co-scriptwriter for both Laurent Cantet's Human Resources and Dominik Moll's With A Friend Like Harry.

The film, an Hitchcockian tale of a young nurse fascinated by a doctor who proves much more dangerous than he seems to be, is to start shooting in June. Cellulolid Dreams' Hengameh Panahi, who sold Human Resources, also produced by Haut & Court, will be handling worldwide sales.

Haut et Court -- which has also produced Alain Berliner's My Life In Pink, Francois Ozon's Under The Sand and Cantet's Time Out - has just completed Olivier Megaton's La Sirene Rouge. The title, a road Movie/thriller which stars Asia Argento, Frances Barber and Jean-Marc Barr, is sold by Wild Bunch.