France's national cinema centre the CNC has issued a list of films which will benefit from financial aid in the areas of distribution and the advance on receipts scheme for 2003.

Both types of aid are based on selection by committees within the CNC and are approved by CNC head David Kessler.

The recipients of the first type of aid will benefit from a boost towards their theatrical distribution. The aid can take two forms, either a reimbursable advance for costs relating to prints and advertising or an actual subsidy which pays for prints.

Criteria are: quality of the work, the type of distribution planned and the coherence of the proposed type of release with the nature of the film itself.

The beneficiaries this year are as follows:

Award (Euros)/Film/Director/Distributor

35,000 /Japon /Carlos Reygadas /Bodega
10,000 /Decryptage /Jacques Tarnero & Philippe Bensoussan/ Cine Classic
15,500 /Toujours Tout Droit /Mario Caniglia /Tecumseh Works
15,000 /Ou Git Votre Sourire Enfoui /Pedro Costa /Capricci Films
10,000 + 5 prints /Hugo Et Le Dragon /Philippe Baylaucq /Eurozoom
20,000 + 5 prints /Le Ventre De Juliette /Martin Provost /Bagheera
40,000 /La Vierge Mise A Nu Par Ses Prétendants /Hong Sangsoo /ASC Distrib.
15,000 /Paris Selon Moussa /Cheik Doukouré /Films de l'Alliance
30,000 /Adieu Pays /Philippe Ramos /Cine Classic
30,000 + 5 pr /Quand Tu Descendras Du Ciel /Eric Guirado /Films du Losange
8,000 /Jours Tranquilles A Sarajevo /Francois Lunel /Promenades Films
15,500 /Le Voyage De Maryam /Sepideh Farsi /Reves d'eau Prod
13,000 /Abouna /Mahamat-Saleh Haroun /MK2
25,000 /El Bola /Achero Manas /Films du Safran
15,000 /Biggie Et Tupac /Nick Broomfield /Eurozoom
25,000 /Mimi /Claire Simon /Pirates Distribution

For the advance on receipts, films can benefit before or after production. The following films earned aid, which is reimbursable, before shooting.

Requests for this type of aid can be made by a project's director or screenwriter where they have French nationality or are a recognised foreign French resident. Aid can also be requested by a production company as long as it complies with guidelines set up by the CNC. In all cases a film must be predominantly French in origin.

Amount /Film /Director /Prod. Company

150,000 /Je Suis Cezanne /Daniele Huillet & J. Marie Straub /Atopic
450,000 /Sous Le Grand Ciel /Pascale Breton /Gemini Films
470,000 /Qui Mange Le Coeur Des Hommes /Jean Marboeuf /Les Aventuriers de l'Image et Les Films du Chantier
430,000 /Le Grand Voyage /Ismael Ferroukhi /Ognon Pictures
420,000 /Clandestin /François Dupeyron /Les Films en Hiver
380,000 /Malabar Princess /Gilles Legrand /Epithete Films
150,000 /Pour L'amour Du Peuple /E. Sivan et A. Maurion /Arcapix
90,000 /Passions /Gerard Courant /Les Films d'Ici
200,000 /Par Exemple, Moi /Patricia Mazuy /Tact et Sentiment
150,000 /Salvador Allende /Patricio Guzman /JBA Production
420,000 /Medhi d'Alger /Said Ould-Khelifa /Agat Films
380,000 /T'inja /Hassan Legzouli /Why Not Productions
400,000 /Ouaga Saga /Dani Kouyate /PM Audiovisuel
440,000 /Petite Soeur /Danielle Arbid /Quo Vadis Cinema
380,000 /Demain On Demenage /Chantal Akerman /Gemini Films
350,000 /Feux Rouges /Cedric Kahn /Aliceleo
330,000 /Ne Quittez Pas /Arthur Joffe /Les Films du Losange

Finally, Kessler announced the following films set to receive an advance on receipts after production.

76,300 /Reves De France A Marseille /Jean-Louis Comolli /13 Productions
76,000 /Pas Si Grave /Bernard Rapp /Extravaganza
150,000 /Supernova /Pierre Vinour /Les Enrages