Leading French terrestrial broadcaster TF1 has announced a nine per-cent increase in its revenues for the first half of 2001, largely due to the consolidation of cable and satellite channels Eurosport International, TV Sport and Series Club and production company Telema.

TF1 revenues rose to Euros 1.3bn (against Euros 1.2bn for the same period in 2000). Non-terrestrial broadcast and ancillary activities jumped 33.2% to Euros 379.8m (compared to Euros 285.2m for 2000).

Digital satellite operation TPS -- in which TF1 is a partner and which saw its revenues increase 21% in the first quarter, to Euros 222m helped boost the company's coffers.

In a globally depressed advertising market (a 3.9% slide in the first quarter) the TF1 group saw its advertising sales grow 0.8%, to Euros 833.6%, as far as the terrestrial channel was concerned, and Euros 891.7m (up 2.8%) including cable and satellite channels and internet-related advertising sales.