Public broadcaster France Televisions has signed an agreement with representatives of the independent film sector guaranteeing increased investment in future production.

According to ARP- the association of writers, directors and producers, and BLOC, the Bureau de Liaison des Organisations Cinematographiques, which represents independent distributors, both signed an accord with France Television last week in which the company agreed to increase its investments in film beyond the government-imposed obligations.

Currently, France Televisions, which is the holding company for public networks France 2, France 3 and France 5, has a mandate to invest 3.2% of its revenues in French film production.

The company has now agreed to add its 'compte de soutien' account to the mix. The 'compte de soutien' is a fund set up at France's CNC, which is a percentage of movie ticket sales and a tax on the revenues of the various television channels.

France Televisions also plans to create a "specific aid for theatrical distribution in order to benefit independent distributors."

Going forward, the different France Televisions channels will broadcast a minimum 360 films per year. At the same time ARP and the BLOC will support France Televisions in its push to abolish an arcane French law that restricts them from showing films on Wednesday and Friday nights.