Compared to the same timelast year, France's film admissions are up 10.4% thus far in 2006.

In total, 167.5m ticketshave been sold as of the end of November with the month marking a 13% climbover November 2005. While the score is not a record, it is a big improvementover October which saw a drop of 13% over last year, according to the CNC.

French films are holdingtheir own with 44.2% of the market as compared to 38.1% in the same period of2005. American market share, meanwhile, is down to 46% from 47.2% last year.

Although there are preciousfew big-ticket films still set to debut in 2006, Luc Besson's Arthur And The Minimoys opened onWednesday and is likely to be carried by the holiday childrens crowd to healthybox-office results.