2001 has been a record-breaking year for both the French production and exhibition sectors, with local titles attracting a hefty 41% (up from 28.5% in 2000) of the 185 million tickets (up 11.4%) sold last year, according to the latest CNC estimates, the highest attendance figure since 1984.

Last year, French films attracted 76 million admissions (up 29 million compared to 2000 and the highest figure in 16 years) while US titles achieved 103 million (up from 92.5 million the previous year) with Hollywood titles' marketshare dipping to 50% (against 62.2% in 2000).

A record 20 French films (up from 11 in 2000) attracted one million admissions and over, 10 of them (against three the previous year) passing the two million mark and four of them breaking the five million admissions barrier, including Amelie (8.2 million), La Verite, Si Je Mens! 2 (7.9 million), The Closet (5.3 million) and Brotherhood Of The Wolf (5.2 million).

The upward trend has been sustained across the year, but attendance went through the roof at year-end, with over 23 million admissions in December (the highest number since records were begun by the CNC). The Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter (3.7 million tickets sold and 51% of the receipts between them) provided for a pyrotechnic ending in the last week, which saw a record breaking seven million tickets sold.