Following nearly two weeks of peace since striking French artists and technicians caused the cancellation of the Avignon theatre festival, the protesters are at it again.

On Monday, it was announced that the 14th Festival du Cinema de Plein Air de la Villette in Paris would be cancelled as well.

The festival, which organises outdoor screenings in Paris' 19th district at the Parc de la Vilette, has been a welcome opportunity to Parisians on hot summer nights. Films ranging from blockbusters to artier fare have been shown on a giant screen on the vast lawns of la Villette over the past 14 years.

Although admission was traditionally free, attendees could rent lawn chairs and buy food and drink thus bringing in some revenue for la Vilette.

The organisers of the festival, which had already been forced to cancel the first two weeks of the event which was slated to start July 8, finally gave up and threw in the towel on the entire summer program which would have lasted until August 24.