TheFuji Television Network and Production IG animation houseplantojointlyunderwrite and launcha new post-productionstudio, Fuji TV has announced. Called FILM LLP (Fuji IG Laboratory for Movies),the new studio will open in January of 2006. Fuji TV will supply 86% andProduction IG the remaining 14% of the $2.4m (Y200m)initialinvestment.

Equippedwith the latest Apple Computer hardware and software, the studio will producefull CD sequences for both animation and live action films. It will also bedirectly connected by Internet cable to George Lucas' Skywalker Sound studio inthe United States, enabling sound designers to create "Hollywoodquality" effects.

Longan industry leader in live-action film production, including the megahitBayside Shakedown franchise, Fuji TV has recently moved in animation, beginningwith the feature Brave Story, which is set for domestic release in July of2006.

Amaker of animated films, TV programs and OVAs (original videos) for thedomestic and international market, Production IG has recently released HiroyukiImaishi's Dead Leaves, Mamoru Oshii's Innocence, Takayuki Hamana's The Prince of Tennis,and Itsuro Kawasaki's Tsubasa Chronicle.Set to open in the spring of 2006 is Oshii's Tachigui -The Amazing Lives ofthe Fast Food Grifters.