Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV has announced details of a two-part feature film adaptation of hit television series Nodame Cantabile.

Reprising their roles from the TV version, Nodame Cantabile will star Juri Ueno and Hiroshi Tamaki. Hideki Takeuchi, who directed the television series, will also direct both feature films.

The story follows brilliant but quirky piano student Megumi 'Nodame' Noda (Juri Ueno) and her aspiring conductor love interest (Hiroshi Tamaki).

Principal photography for both installments is scheduled to take place starting next May in various locations across Europe over a five-month period. The films will feature performances by renowned classical orchestras in landmark concert halls.

'The films will definitely be on a grander scale, and we aim to please our existing fans, as well as attract new fans,' stated Fuji TV motion picture department head and producer Chihiro Kameyama.

Part one of Nodame Cantabile is set for release in December 2009 and part two during spring break in 2010. Distributor Toho stated it will be the shortest release window ever for a two-part film.

Originally based on a manga, the Nodame Cantabile television series first aired in October 2006, gaining an average of 18.9% viewership. A two-part New Year's holiday special exceeded 20% ratings. The manga has also been adapted into an animated TV series.

In 2009 Fuji TV enters its 50th year of broadcasting. As previously reported on Screendaily.com, Amalfi: Megami No 50-Byou, which begins shooting at Rome's Cinecitta next week, and a third film in the Bayside Shakedown series are on the slate for next year.