Christopher Petzel's Fierce Entertainment, which represents international distributors and financiers in Los Angeles among other things, has signed a new partnership with Japan's Filosophia Entertainment Alliance whereby Fierce will represent Filosophia in tracking Japanese rights of projects around the world and Filosophia will represent Fierce in Japan.

Fierce also represents VCL Film + Medien in Germany, Indies Entertainment in Benelux, Front Row and KNCC in the Middle East and Rialto in Switzerland. The company is also an active producer with credits including War starring Jet Li and Jason Statham, has a financial advisory services capability and manages a library of six films including Bright Young Things and To Kill A King.

Filosophia was started as an independent distributor in Dec 2006 by Tetsu Fujimura after leaving Gaga Communications. For foreign companies targeting Japan, Filosophia also provides strategic planning and business support, assistance with joint ventures and co-productions and marketing services for feature films. The company also assists with the acquisition of remake rights to Japanese films.