The American Film Market(AFM) will host six seminars and a finance conference at this year'sevent (Feb 20-27), sponsored bylegal advisory firm Coudert Brothers.

The programme is as follows:

Feb 22 AFM FinanceConference

Panels: The Future Of FeatureFilm Financing I

Panelists: Lewis Horwitz(moderator), Paul Brooks, Martin Katz, Edward S Labowitz, John W Miller

The Future Of Film FinancingII

Panelists: Paul Wissmann(moderator), Kirk D'Amico, Mark Damon, Avi Lerner, Stewart Till

Feb24 Getting The Competitors: Use SAG Actors As Your Advantage

Panelists:Tom Bower (moderator), William Atherton, Seymour Cassel, Frances Fisher,Elliott Gould, Melissa Gilbert

Feb 24 Sources OfCo-Production Financing for Independent Filmmakers

Panelists: Judith Merians(moderator), Phil Avalon, Paul Colichman, Jo Gilbert, Tim Levy, MichelLibermann, Charlene Paling

Feb 24 The ChangingLandscape of Foreign Financing

Panelists: Jeffrey Colvin,Daniel Diamond, Daisy Gonzales, Doug Mankoff.

Feb 25 Is Vertical IntegrationLimiting Creative Opportunities'

Panelists: Victoria Riskin(moderator), Frank Biondi, Leonard Hill, Jerry Isenberg, Tom Schulman, JohnSingleton

Feb 26 The PowerfulPartnership: Feature Film Production & Product Placement

Panelists: Eric Dahlquist(moderator), Patricia Ganguzza, Marsha Levine, Davery Holmes, George Simkowski,Tara Walls, Melissa Robinson

Feb 26 Joined At The Hip:The Director-Producer Relationship

Panelists: Richard Schickel(moderator), Jaime Babbit (director) & Andrea Sperling (producer),Christopher Coppola (director) & Alain Silver (producer), GeorgeHickenlooper (director) & Donald Zuckerman (producer).