Columbia TriStar FilmDistributors International (CTFDI) scored the biggest international hit of theweek with Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, which added another 32 territories to its existing 11 and scored$22.3m on 3,982 prints.

Although Full Throttle struggled to hold up domestically, drops in those 11foreign markets were less dramatic. For example, in Japan, it fell 29% to take$2.8m for a total of $11.9m, and in Korea, it fell 21% to take $1.8m for atotal of $5.5m

Witha total gross to date of $42.3m, the film is likely to outgross the domesticmarket by some way.

FullThrottle opened at number two in theUK after BVI's holdover Bruce Almighty with a $5.325m total on 761 prints, roughly the same as the first Charlie'sAngels.

Itopened at number one in Australia on 392 prints with a $3.9m gross which was45% higher than the original and the 12th highest opening of alltime.

Itwas number one in Italy on $0.9m on 500 prints; it was also number one inSweden, New Zealand and South Africa, scoring openings which were 58%, 17% and65% bigger than the first film.

MeanwhileCTFDI opened Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines in four territories but scored a huge bow in Russiawhere it played on a record 252 prints and took $3m - the second biggestopening of all time after The Matrix Reloaded. The release was day-and-date with the US toforestall any piracy on the film.

Otherterritory openings were Colombia where it took $0.64m on 85 screens to becomethe second or third biggest opening in the country behind number one Spider-Man and possibly Reloaded (it was unclear at press time whether it was two orthree).

InBolivia, it took $83,000 on seven prints to become the biggest opening of alltime and in Uruguay it was the eighth biggest opening of all time with $33,000on seven prints.

Next weekend, CTFDI goesinto smaller Asian markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines aswell as remaining Latin markets like Argentina and Chile, but the first majorterritory is not until July 17 when the film opens in Australia and NewZealand.