Future Films has gotten $216,550 (Euros 150,000) in development funding from the MEDIA Programme.

Future is using the cash boost to develop six projects in-house: Michael Radford's Nursery based on a screenplay by Chris Wooding about a couple expecting a baby who move to an eerie house; Steve Barron's comedy Quiver with First Foot Films, based on Liam Gavin's story of an alcoholic who gets a last chance at love; Alejo Flah's Durruti in development with Jose Nolla's Iconica of Spain about Durruti Buenaventura, a key figure in the Spanish Civil War; South African writer Greg Latter's Garden Boy, about a police inspector who discovers a series of murders committed by a bright young black boy; romantic epic Malaga 1937 developed with Carlos Taillefer's Teyso of Spain; and Bille August's previously announced Halifax-set Burden Of Desire with Capri Films, Moviola and Nordisk.

Future has other projects outside of the MEDIA-funded slate, including comedy Blue Turtle written by Douglas Wilson and produced with Nadine Luque of Viceversa Films; Mick Davis' psychological thriller 3:30 in partnership with Theta Films and romantic comedy Close Protection from Adrian Bailey with Early Day Films.

'We're rapidly increasing our ability to back world class projects from early script stage,' said Future Films head Stephen Margolis. 'With our new development cash, we are now able to finance and convert more projects developed in-house with a much greater degree of direct, practical involvement from the start.'