Hong Kong-produced films racked up $61m (HK$475.98m) at the local box office in 2001, according to industry body, the Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA), an impressive 24% increase on the previous year.

The growth comes despite a decrease in the number of films screened. 133 locally produced films were released in Hong Kong in the year to December 26, 2001, compared to 155 the previous year. Local product accounted for 47% of the total box office up from 42% in 2000.

Total box office for 2001 was up 10.6% to $129.6m (HK$1,011m) compared to $117.2m (HK$914m) in 2000. Foreign productions showed only a slight increase in box office revenue with 307 titles grossing $68.6m (HK$535m), compared to $68.1m (HK$531m) from 280 releases the previous year.

Hong Kong industry executives said the growth was partly due to anti-piracy measures and the higher profile of local film following the international success of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon last year.