Producer Anthony Moody has hired Gabriela Tagliavini to adapt and direct a film adaptation of Colombian novelist James Canon’s novel TalesFrom The Town Of Widows And Chronicles From The Land Of Men.

The film, tentatively titled Without Men, is set to shoot in mid-2010. The script has been completed and is now out to cast.

Since its publication in January 2007, Cannon’s debut novel has been released in more than 20 countries. It centres on the women of a remote Latin American town who must rebuild their lives and reinvent their world after communist guerillas forcibly recruits their men.

Moody said: “I finished reading Tales the same day my agent sent it to me, and I knew immediately that I had to bring these amazing women to life on screen.”

Tagliavini, whose film Ladies Night remains one of the most successful Mexican films in Mexican box office history, said. “It’s so rare to find a project that sits so squarely on the shoulders of so many strong, wonderful female characters.”

Moody will produced through his Indalo Productions label.

Canon is represented by ICM’s Lisa Bankoff and Tagliavini by UTA’s Michael Sheresky and Ramses Ishak.