Hong Kong's Mandarin Films has sold Wilson Yip's Dragon Tiger Gate to Gaga Communications(Japan), Flashstar (Brazil), Indofilm (India), Italia Film (Middle East), and Cinebox (Vietnam.)

A co-production between MandarinFilms and Beijing Polybona Film Publishing, the film is based on a well-knowncomic book, created and designed by Tong Wong, about three young heroes from amartial arts academy who help the powerless to fight against triads.

Donnie Yen, who heads thecast and also serves as action director, will be attending Cannes May 21-24 to promote the film.

The Weinstein Company hasall English-speaking rights to the martial arts action thriller which has alsobeen sold to France's Pathe, Paradiso for Benelux and Nobel Entertainment for Scandinavia, in addition to most Asian territories.