Gaga Crossmedia Marketing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gaga Communications, has purchased a majority stake in Kinema Jumpo, Japan's oldest and most highly regarded film magazine.

Founded in 1919, Kinema Jumpo has long played a leading role in promoting film culture in Japan. Though best known for its Kinema Jumpo Best Ten list, which it compiles annually in co-operation with a panel of film experts, the magazine also publishes an extensive line of film books and operates a 30,000 title data base.

Gaga Crossmedia intends to develop various synergies from the acquisition, such as using its promotional expertise to enhance the profile of Kinema Jumpo's publications and awards, and linking its database with Kinema Jumpo's to create a general database with information on video, DVD and film titles.

Gaga Crossmedia also publishes the industry trade magazine Video Insider and DVD Navigator, as well as managing Comin' Soon TV, Gagas's movie information and publicity channel, on cable, channel and broadband.

Gaga Crossmedia will take possession of 81% of the magazine's issued shares in January, after reaching an agreement with Kinema Jumpo owner SS Communications.